Type Approval

BD Testing has accredited procedures for snow performance and wet performance testing according to Unece regulation R117. Our scope can be found from FINAS website. These tests will show, wheter the tire fulfills type approval requirements or not.

As an approved expert HA-012, the test certificates are valid for applying type approval for studs and studded tires from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, TRAFI.

Studs that are used in studded tires must be type approved, a tire may have not more than 50 studs per 1 meter of rolling circumference and the mean protrusion must not exceed 1,2 mm. Stud may be granted type approval also according to the test that is reliably measuring road wear caused by studs. In this method, tested stud type approval is only valid when using studs in accordance with the tire, number of studs and stud installation conditions related to the type approval.